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In my creative space today: the latest addition to the jumpers for things that don't need jumpers collection. Deer antler #1. Deer antler #1, lets call him Simon, has a partner, but she's still being dressed. She shall make her debut soon I hope. Knitting these is distracting me from the serious business of waiting for our building permit to come in the mail, the only thing holding us up now. It's a serious business this waiting. Every morning I race out to the letter box, and every morning I return dejected. Every day I mumble and curse the council, the building surveyor and even the post man, whose fault it probably is not. Maybe tomorrow will be the day... you have to stay positive don't you?


  1. Absolutely love this! I'm going to have to go back and check out your other instalments! x

  2. That is COOL!! I cant wait to see its final destination...hopefully with its lovely friend? A full wool deer poking its head out of a wall?? I have my fingers crossed you dont get your building news for a while so you keep making this :)

  3. too awesome! we have a large deer antler (apparently left behind by santa) but sadly no partner, nor skills to knit it up! wish i did though!

  4. Thanks loves- I'm really enjoying this project. I think it's gonna look rad about daughers bed in the new house. Mr Lovely found a rusty old antique iron bed on the side of the road last weekend and I'm gonna clean it up and paint it bright yellow. I think it will be dandy!

    Megsie- what about painting your antler? Or wrapping it with different colours of wool?

    Michele we have the permit! However I have taken a vow to finish Mrs Antler this weekend!!


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