Lustful lighting...

Oh my god right?
These amazing lights are made by and old friend of mine, Chris Boots
He's a very talented fella that one- I remember loving his work way back when he was wrapping found chair frames with string. Oh the bad old days of crazy Melbourne share housing! Anyway, I can't stop thinking how fabulous (sure that word is an understatement) the second light, the prometheus, would look above our dining table in the new house. I wonder if he has any dishes he needs washing...
But seriously, I'm thinking if I could make all the other light fittings myself, maybe I could blow our whole lighting budget on this one light? If I'm going to spend any money at all on lighting I'd like it to be spent on something truly incredible, and something truly incredible that a friend has made is like awesome to the power of a million. Don't you agree?
Happy Saturday Peeps, I hope there are some beautiful things in your world today :)


  1. The light is *beautiful*. I am also writing to say that I got some Back Yard Farmer mags for my birthday, and I'm so sorry - but I just spat soup on you! I opened one to read with my lunch and there you were with your tomatoes!! LOVE IT!! :)


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