My week with Instagram...

Happy Friday to you! I've been out enjoying the sunshine, so not much crafting or house planning happening here. But I am loving the Instagram so much, I thought I might make a regular friday thing of it. A nice round-up of the week that was ya know? A little visual journaling. Fancy joining in?

That last one's creepy I know, but I had to include it! It's Otis' placenta being planted on the block with a beautiful cherry tree :) Hope you had a fabulous week.
Ps- notice how happy I am now the sun is out? ;)


  1. Gorgeous! And yay for the placenta being buried. My three are still in the chest freezer at home because I hate the thought of burying them and something digging them up. happy weekend. xx
    ps. what's your istagram name? I wanna find you there.

  2. Oh I love those red shoes with the teeny tiny peep toe. They are lovely!


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