Taking it easy today & thinking about lighting for the house. Here's some inspiration. 3. 4. 5. 6.


  1. LOVE the globe lamps. Hope you are feeling, much, much better today. Bring back the nice, sunny weather and your health I say !!
    Take it easy and get better (you were missed) Dee x

  2. Hi Tania, Sorry to ask a question on you're blog, could not find a contact email! Do you still sell old buttons? I bought some from you at the North Melbourne market a year ago. (please delete this email from you're blog!)

  3. Taking it easy sounds like a good idea. I really love that over sized globe in the last picture.
    Hope you're feeling better :)

  4. Thanks for your kind words lovelies. I'm on the mend... moving slowly through the school holidays and looking forward to some sunny spring weather!

  5. Oh my.. all the inspiration. Love the kitchen wire basket one. x


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