The First Tree

We planted our very first tree on our block of land yesterday. It's an olive tree, a fitting first tree I think. We went down there pretty excited about it all, but I had no idea how much it was really going to mean to me.

The concept of planting a tree and knowing that I will be there to see it grow is just so damn special to me! We never owned a home when I was growing up, always moving from one rented dive to the next and never really knowing how long we'd be there. As my mother suffered from mental illness, I also was in and out of 'home', staying with friends, kind strangers and occasionally foster homes. When I left home and left New Zealand I traveled and moved constantly, always feeling a little lost and searching for a place to call home, as I've never really had one.  

Planting that first tree yesterday, I could see us living there. I could see our house, our garden, our orchard and our kids growing up. I could see us being so damn happy there and I know that I've found everything I ever dreamed of. The most awesome husband in the universe (you should have seen him dig that hole!) gorgeous healthy children and place where we can all be together :)


  1. Tania thank you, I am in tears reading this post I feel exactly the same coming from a similar upbringing in moving around A LOT no where felt like home and in fact I think I am still yet to find it <3<3 Congratulations on your first tree

  2. You have a beautiful family though Loz, I hope the home comes to you soon xxx

  3. Yay for the first tree. May there be many more trees and lots of beautiful memories made there. xx

  4. Hi Tania, I discovered your blog today as I was searching the internet for information about Daylesford and Kyneton for a special little trip my partner and I are planning next week.
    We are visiting the area as we are looking for the perfect place to start our own family and plant our first tree.
    I'm so happy to have discovered your blog. Thanks :)

  5. Great Bianca!
    It's a really great place to live and raise a family that's for sure. I'm sure you would love it here.
    Be sure to stay in touch! We always need new crafters at our stitch n bitch group :)


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