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In my creative space today.... this beautiful Noro wool that I'm knitting into a scarf for my big boy Escher. This will be my final 'practice' piece before I move on to my first pattern. Squeee! Exciting!

This is what I'm moving on to.... From Etsy, here. My lovely midwife informs me I am now 35.5 weeks pregnant so I better get knitting hey? Just waiting for the wool I ordered to turn up in my mailbox. I have the right needles and I just need to study the youtube video of the magic loop technique a squillion more times and I should be good to go!

I've also been cooking up a batch of zucchini pickle with the lovely zucchini given to me by Lindy. It's from a recipe in 'year in a bottle' and it was both easy and tasty :)

Looking at that pic now though, I think my next project is to make some nicer labels for my preserves. Perhaps in time for the upcoming quince-a-thon :)

And finally I am daydreaming that this is my bed- Isn't it divine?

Hope your spaces are creative ones today!!


  1. congrats. love that swaddeling baby. x

  2. Wow I am as equally attracted to that bed in a box as I am claustrophobically repelled by it. (Although the tv does look a bit inviting). Good luck with your knitting my love. x

  3. Oh my goodness, that cocoon does something weird to my stomach. I don't think I have ever seen anything that cute. Love! Hope you get the wool soon.
    Ace to see you today.

  4. Lot of good things happening at your place, I love the baby bag/thing, it looks so cosy. And the scarf is very snazz, I can see a certain fella looking pretty sharp & warm this winter. I'm impressed you are moving so quickly onto a pattern, woo hoo! I may even attempt something too, I think I'm brave enough. Hope to catch you soon, before that little one appears, take care beautiful x

  5. Wow that image of the swaddled bub is instantly calming and beautiful. All the best in the knitting ~ Alisa

  6. Hi lovely, I reckon youre pretty clever having a crack at the pattern thing... I'll be knitting beanies forever I think... Am soo looking forward to meeting that bump of yours. And thanks for including the title of that book - Ive been wonderin g what to do with all the zucc' my fantastic neighbours give us. Cheers. Pxo

  7. It's a great book Peta, I've been working my way through it and I have a pantry full of assorted jams, preserves, relishes and even flavoured vodka & brandy.
    Thanks for the knitting encouragement everyone, I will keep you posted!


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