Hula Hoop Weaving...

I'm imagining making one of these with the kids for the new baby. Lovely don't you think? Such a fabulous recycling project and easy enough for them to get involved with. And all those stretched ugly t-shirts of Adam's can go to good use!!

You can find the full instructions here.

Then I'm imagining this chair sitting on the rug we made, with some lovely handmade cushions and a nice plush sheepskin on the seat. Now to work out how to get the chair from the U.S?


  1. Just yell out the back door really loudly when you start on that project...I wanna come too. X

  2. this is fabulous! I am sad the link to "full instructions" is not active. thanks for posting

  3. oops. I found the instructions! Thanks so much, this is great!

  4. Oh you've got wood! ;) Lovely seeing you on the weekend. xx

  5. Love the hula hoop project, how cool!! Did you get my message re the bassinet? Home tomorrow xo


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