To Wonderful Friends & Good Fortune :)

Brina's comment about flowers yesterday reminded me to share with you two wonderfully fortunate things that have happened recently. 

I wanted to have just a simple bunch of daisies as my bouquet, but when we changed the date, a wonderful thing happened! A couple of our guests have a peony farm, and the new date falls right peony season! So they very generously offered to give us flowers as a wedding present! How good is that? I feel so so blessed, thank you Nicky & Mac :) 

And if you live around here, and you love peonies, they have an open day coming up. You can go down to the paddock and see them growing, you can even pick your own peonies. All the info is here.

The second wonderful thing is this. A friend and wedding guest of ours, the lovely Lou, is a teacher. When she heard about my paper crane mission, she realised her students had folded over 1000 paper cranes for harmony day. She asked if the school would mind her  having them, to give to me! Can you believe that? Oh how my tired pregnant self breathed a sigh of relief! I won't get the 'wish' granted for personally folding them myself, but I'm pretty sure they are already bringing me good fortune.
Thank you beautiful Lou :)


  1. How wonderful a gift, peony flowers! I wanted them for my bouquet, but the timing was not good for peonies. Love the paper cranes - hope your good fortune continues. :)

  2. What a wonderful way things have worked out for you! (And I'm so happy I could help you remember!) Peonies are so pretty. <3 And its great you won't have to fold all those cranes yourself. :)

  3. Gorgeous post Tania, and how beautiful are peonies? Sigh. Hope you are good, looking forward to seeing you xo


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