Oh my god, how much does knitting rock? I had my first knitting lesson at craft group the other night (thanks Mika!) and man, I am totally hooked! Why is knitting so bloody satisfying? I can't believe it took me so long to give it a go, but say hello to my new hobby!
God I can't wait until I can actually knit properly. I am already drooling over beautiful patterns online and dreaming of how dexterous and speedy my knit purls will be.
So today, when I am utterly zombified by being kept up all night by little miss Charlie's cough, I'm taking time out from the never ending wedding invite saga to practice my casting on and my knit- next week purl. Bring it on baby :)


  1. I find kintting so addictive too. Once I pick it up I can't put it down. I'm just a beginner too but I'm trying to improve so I can actually knit myself something useful.

    Good luck with your new hobby x x

  2. Woo hoo! You crazy knitting convert! Maybe you could knit something sweet for the new babe. Did you see me flying past yours today? I feel like a truck driver on speed at the moment, driving up and down the highway. More like a truck driver on caffeine actually....x

  3. ohhhhhhh well done Tania - you are a fast and enthusiastic learner For Sure!!!! Looking forward to seeing your creations! Purls Palace - here she comes!!! X


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