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I couldn't resist a pile of these pretty romance novels at the op-shop the other day and they inspired me to start thinking about what to do with my hair for the wedding. Their hair is always so perfect! 

My hair is normally pretty unkempt, and I like to spend as little time as possible doing my hair generally. I always go for simple, easy to look after styles. So for the big day I'd like to go totally the other way and just for one day have perfectly set 1960's housewife hair. Shake off the country mama for a day and be elegant, glamorous and polished!

Betty Draper style?

Image from LoveCharlie on Etsy

Or perhaps more like this, as I have a pretty short fringe.

So I've got myself some rollers and I'm going to start experimenting... get ready for some major hair disasters!

Image from Super Kawaii Mama

There are loads of blogs and tutorials on the net that claim they can help you to create a sweet vintage do, but I'm loving Camilla DeVilles pretty blog, Super Kawaii Mama and am finding lots of tips and tricks contained therein. Isn't she divine?

Image from DIYBride

Then the other question is, should I wear a birdcage veil as I'd originally planned?

I just adore this beautiful wedding. I love everything they did! I love her hair and dress and especially her beautiful birdcage veil. I'm thinking it might be a bit formal for the new and improved low key and intimate event we are now having.

Maybe I need to relegate the veil to the 'in a perfect world this is what I'd do / have for my wedding' box. Like this dress.... the most perfect pretty dress...

Ahhh... swoon **

The dress is by Justin Alexander and if you are allowed to buy new things... you can find it here.


  1. Depending upon the style of your dress, I would say that having a birdcage veil is still acceptable. Just because your event is now low key and intimate doesn't mean you have to give up on something you really like.

  2. I agree with Brina - if you really want a birdcage veil you should go for it. I really wanted to wear a veil at my wedding and almost didn't because I didn't think it went with our low-key garden wedding. I'm so glad I did as it just completed my look perfectly.
    It's your wedding - you make the rules!

  3. If you want the birdcage go for it ! It is beautiful .

  4. Thanks ladies! I think I might just take your advice. Now to make the veil...

  5. It's never too late for some encouragement -- do the veil! I really wanted to rock a birdcage for my own wedding but it never came to fruition. I'm sure yours will look amazing!


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