An extra guest...

Yes, that's right I am pregnant! 

This is me just before I had Charlie.... with my beautiful Pascale painting my belly. 
Such a beautiful memory :)

We are expecting baby number three in May.
So I will be around six months pregnant at the wedding....

It's thrown us into a mini tail spin to tell you the truth, and I feel bone tired and constantly nauseous which isn't helping! I have total pregnant brain and can't remember or focus on anything. I'm feeling pretty useless right now actually.

The show will go on though! Just a little simplified perhaps?  The cranes will remain, but the date may change, I will need a new dress (boo hoo or hooray?) and I will need to lighten my load a little. Nothing will stop me marrying my man though!

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!


  1. Congratulations Tania! Wow...what a great wedding present to yourself...and handmade too! Good luck with all your preparations.

  2. Now Imagine that...
    How lovely!
    CONGRATULATIONS to you and all your family!

  3. Wow! Congratulations! That's way better than what I had feared. (I've been dreaming lately that my wedding is going to go ALL WRONG. So I was worried that something bad had happened.)

  4. That's what I guessed! Congratulations, and how wonderful that your third child will be part of your wedding day!

  5. I'm so happy for you Tania, how exciting to have a new person in your life. I love the photo of you and your tummy, you look gorgeous and happy. hope you are having a good week, take it easy xo my word verification is blesies!

  6. Fantastic!! Thats great news....and yes Hand Made Too :-) Are you looking for a particular style of dress? I have a cream outfit that is empire line with a matching jacket that I wore when I got married and I was 7 mths pregnant!! Let me know if you want to see some pnotos of it, you are welcome to have it if you like it :-)

    PS LOve the Henna painted 'Belly'

  7. Thanks everybody :)
    I'm feeling very blessed indeed!


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