For the boys.

 So, I decided Beck was right and the boutonniere look great as they are. Oh it feels so good to actually finish a project! Wrapped and ready to go. I think they are going to look fabulous pinned onto the boys vests.

photos: Alexi Lubomirski in GQ magazine, Ben Blood, Kyle Haye
Ralph Lauren Rugby, (via Green Wedding Shoes)

I just love a man in a vest. Since nothing for the wedding is to be bought new, the vest is a great choice for Adam & his groomsmen. They will just need to find themselves a nice secondhand vest that fits, hey they might even already have one! Ohh can't wait to see them all looking spunky (especially Adam, of course)!


  1. We're doing vests too! Kris will wear one, and my friend who walks me down the aisle will probably wear one too. (He doesn't know the attire yet, though.) I bought a navy blue pinstripe vest for Kris at a thrift store and plan on taking it in so it'll fit his skinny, little body. (He's cute, really.)

  2. Oh you are! Hooray!! That is so very exciting indeed.
    Congratulations and so much love. X


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