Barefoot and pregnant, but in a beautiful frock...

Dresses, listed from Left to right:
Okay freak out over, nausea waning, it's time to get back to the task at hand! 
Of course the first place my mind goes is.... what am I going to wear? What can I wear, being six months pregnant? I'm so lucky that my gorgeous friend and bridesmaid, Pascale is a textile designer and couture sewer / costume designer (so many talents!) and she has said she would love to make my dress. Oh, I'm so excited! It's so extra special that she is going to make it and I'm 100% positive it's going to be amazing. 

So to get some ideas about what kind of dress I want, of course I turned to Etsy. Above are some gorgeous frocks that would accommodate a growing, glowing belly. I'm thinking, one shoulder, empire line, lots of ruffles and drapes and tacked together silk. I need to decide on a colour too, as white is not my thing. How do you decide on a colour? The bridesmaids are wearing mismatched bright pastel colours in a 50's style vintage dress, which worked really well with my other dress that I can no longer wear! But now I'm not sure we are going to work together at all?? Oh te he he... you have to laugh don't you?

Please forgive me if my posts are vague, or don't make sense or contain lots of grammatical errors or seem to rant... I have severe pregnant brain! I locked my keys in my car in the main street the other day and I've not done that since last time I was pregnant!

I hope it's sunny where you are.... :)


  1. Oooh I haven't checked in with your lovely blog for a while and didn't realise you were pregnant! How lovely. Your idea for a dress sounds fab and I'm sure it'll be gorgeous. Never mind about the car keys. That's what coat hangers are for!(breaking in, incase you were wondering LOL)

  2. I am sure you will look beautiful! My sister was 7 months pg for her high school senior prom (okay, issues, I know...) but she wore a stunning gown which had the shape of the empire waist. I don't know if you've been here, but has lots of really beautiful ideas.
    The good thing is maybe you will be in your "refreshed" middle stage of pregnancy by the time of the wedding :-)


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