Changes afoot...

Did you think I'd disappeared? I did too! Ah, this baby seems to have an aversion to blogging :)
I have had a lovely case of all day sickness, complete with an early evening crash and fall asleep on the couch. Adam has had to carry me to bed most evenings!

I feel as though the metaphorical fog is starting to lift now though, which is a relief, let me tell you. Everything has been neglected and there is so much to do!

We have made some big changes to our wedding plans. For several reasons we have decided to kill our plans for a big elaborate wedding, and instead have a small intimate affair with just family and few of our closest friends. The reasons are (the obvious) I'm pregnant- tired, sick and somewhat lacking in focus- but also we have decided to accelerate our house building plans, so we need to save money and have the wedding sooner to make way for the time and energy we will need for the house. We didn't want to postpone the wedding though- we are so in love and so excited about becoming husband and wife, we don't want to put it off!

The wedding will still be handmade and vintage / secondhand. Except I have to confess, I purchased a new wedding dress. I was going out of my mind trying to find something vintage that would fit my belly, when my friend sent me a link to beautiful, very affordable 60's looking maternity frock. I fell in love, and I just wanted it to be organised ya know? There, I've confessed. Will you forgive me? I've forgiven myself. I blame the baby :)

So as the wedding will be much smaller (hooray!), with nowhere near as many projects, I've decided to join my blogs together. I've imported the content from my other blog Cheeky Little Monsters and from now on this blog will contain everything I'm working on, and my working label will become, Imagine Lovely. Another company that makes kids clothes (not at all my style by the way) has taken the name Cheeky Little Monsters, so I really wanted to stop using that name. 

So from now on you can expect to see wedding projects and plans (the big day is 11th December by the way), dolls, toys, clothes and other crafty projects, a big belly followed by a new baby and our adventure building ourselves a strawbale eco home. That's provided I can find the energy to blog about it all!


  1. Oh i've been there with the morning sickness, all day, night, icky, good luck!! You're getting married on my twins' birthday, great day!! Love Posie

  2. I really admire you for taking up Dottie Angel's challenge especially with a wedding to plan and a baby on the way. You inspired me to take on the challenge too even though I'm renovating my home. I look forward to seeing more inspiration from you.

    Best of luck

    Sarah Elizabeth


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