Still no word on the loan, still waiting patiently. I don't do patience particularly well, so I'm improvising by keeping myself extra busy. The picture above is how I am imagining us in six months time- looking with awe at our new home. The kids are even pretty much the same age! The sun will be shining again, it will be christmas time and my dear friend Pascal will be visiting form England. So much to look forward to.

But for now it's cold and dreary and wet. I've spent the morning sitting by the fire penning snail mail to my family in New Zealand and crafting a few things for the new house, packing them neatly into the trousseau. A knitted lampshade, a dala horse rescued from the tip painted new and some pom pom garlands for Charlie's new bedroom. I'm making lentil, sunflower seed and chia seed burgers for dinner as my number one has decided he's a vegetarian. Or almost a vegetarian. Today I bought my dear Mr Lovely a present for his 40th birthday which is in a couple of months. I got it from one of those online sale websites (You know, Brand Exclusive, Ozsale, I think Amazon has one too- do you use them? I absolutely love them!) and it was $1000- off. Seriously, a thousand bucks! So I'm pretty happy with that indeed. I'm a thousand bucks richer...

Anyway, maybe tomorrow will be the day we find out? Maybe tomorrow it will either snow or be sunny? Hows the weather where you are?


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