Hearts desire...

Aggghh waiting. I feel like my heart has permanently relocated to my throat, I'm on the verge of being overwhelmingly ecstatic about the house, but just can't quite let myself go yet. I don't know how long it's going to take to get the banks okay, and I'm not entirely sure I can stand the wait. Yesterday was a magical sunny winters day, and all I wanted was to be down on our block where the sun shines all day. Our current abode, surrounded by trees is dark and damp and the longing to there with the sunlight streaming in my big double glazed windows was immense. So we went down and set up a cosy spot to have a cup of tea from a thermos and flew a kite. It was lovely. So lovely.

 We are on the edge of something big, the biggest big of my life in fact, I've never worked so hard on anything before ever. And it all hinges on this one thing so please, please Mr Bank man / woman, say yes!! Universe, I've been good, really good for a while now, we've both worked so hard being and doing everything required of you as grown ups and parents and all we want with all our hearts is this house. This home for our family. Fingers crossed for us please my friends :)


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