My yarn bombing project..

Guess what? I'm not allowed to knit! Can you believe it? I think I might have carpal tunnel and though I tried to blame it on lifting a heavy baby all day my doctor thinks it's definitely from knitting. Meh! I have exercises to do and I'm to have a break from repetitive activities. So... I've decided to do a Janet Morton / Penelope Durston style doily tree for my yarn bombing day contribution. 

I've un-picked all the doilies I stitched into a backdrop for the wedding to be re-used for this project. I think this may be their last ;) So now I'm busy stitching them together into useable sizes. I figure thats the way to go right, so you don't have to stitch on each individual one in the middle of the night. I'd hate to have to add frost bite to carpal tunnel on my list of craft related injuries. I'm going to go out when the baby wakes and measure the tree too- maybe draw up a wee map with corresponding pieces- sort of guerilla craft ikea styles.

 I think they will look much nicer and happier in their new home- exciting! I wonder what other people will do? Can't wait to find out!


  1. Oh Carpel Tunnel, I had that when I was pregnant with Charlotte, twenty years ago! Had to wear braces on my was so painful. I'm looking forward to seeing your doilies in action xo


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