Yay for today!

School holidays are over (a quiet yay!), No.1 is at school, No.2 is at kinder and No.3 is asleep. Ahhhhhhh.... bliss. Now I can be with you my dear blog and you my dear sewing machine! I can hold a continuous train of thought for more than 3.2 minutes. I can go to the toilet without interruptions! Gosh I could even make a phone call and actually hear the person on the other end. Amazing! I can eat chocolate openly and read my Sookie Stackhouse novel in the hammock. And speaking of books, tonight we have our very first book club meeting- another reason to be excited, so I made this bag to celebrate! Do you like it?

Are you in a book club? Our very first read was Indelible Ink- by Fiona McGregor. Have you read it? What did you think? I thought it was very insightful and I loved the descriptions of Sydney in the summer heat. Being a lover of tattoo art I enjoyed that aspect of the book as well, but I must say I didn't much like her horrid children. Poor woman. 

Anyway, hooray for the new school year, and hooray for mama's everywhere having some time for themselves! Hope you have a wonderful monday.


  1. I need me one of those bags love! Brilliant! Thanks for last night - you're a book group gem that's for sure x

  2. I'll make you one meeks, special discount for bookclub members :)


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