Thank you Dita!

4 1/ 2 years of breastfeeding, 28 1/2 months of pregnancy, and two tired boobs later, here I stand. Wow, they've done a lot my boobs. I'm proud of them. But I they've done so much, changed so much through these different stages that I don't even know what size I am anymore. None of my bras fit me, even though they are in about a million different sizes and shapes and they all make my boobs look saggy. It's the bra, not the boobs okay. I remember Oprah once telling us that we must have a good supportive bra, I think Trinny and Susannah may have said the same thing, so it must be true right?
So thank you very much Dita Von Teese for releasing your Target collection right at this very crucial moment. Very kind of you. So I'm off to Ballarat to brave the madness that is the designers for Target shopping chaos. A public apology in advance for any injuries I may cause in my quest for post child rearing perky-ness.

*** Edited to add- The people of Ballarat barely noticed the arrival of Dita, it's certainly not known for its fashiony-ness. I was all alone with racks of beautifulness. I've gotta say, I love her collection. The items I got are gorgeous, well made, supportive and a little different. Oh and very reasonably priced. Love it.


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