I'm clearly crazy...

I've spent the last few weeks telling anyone who will listen that I'm clearing the decks, ready for the start of our house building. I've been giving up my commitments to various groups, and trying to whittle down my craft projects to just those that relate to the house. Sounds sensible right? Except any of you that know me well know that that's not me. I'm a bit manic most of the time, I have a million projects on the go all over the place, I have more ideas than time and I'm always thinking of new things I want to do. So it should come as no great to surprise that yesterday, when I'd had a couple of ciders with the fabulous Mel of St Mel - I agreed to create a sculptural piece for a group art show she is organising as part of the Chillout Festival. And as the website states, it's only four weeks to go. This piece I'm talking about hasn't been started- it hasn't even been drawn, it's just in my head. Oh and it's also 2.8 metres high and requires about 8 metres of knitting and crocheting. And some welding. Oh and did I mention I don't even know now to crochet? Or weld?

Well we must aim high. We must dream big. This is how I like to learn- on the fly. Just work it out. Just do it. Expect to either see not a lot of me in the next few weeks as I work madly on this, or you'll hear a freakin lot of stressin out! Either way, it's gonna be rad. I do love a deadline, and it's nice to be so inspired and to be able to share (hopefully share) my creation with friends. Shit- better get to work! 


  1. Haha, love it! That sounds like something I would do!
    Good luck!
    Rach x

  2. So that's 4 weeks to learn to weld, crochet and put it all together?
    Can't wait to see it when your done Tania.

  3. You Are INSANE!!!.... i like it!
    Sorry i missed craft group - was returning from an absolutely extraordinary time at mona!!! catch you soon xox


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