My creative space... meets flea market finds... multitasking.

Today I'm rallying a teensy bit of energy to tackle a wee up-cycling project with these vintage dipping crates. I found them recently at the market, and thought they'd be a great storage solution in the new bathroom.

 Since I'm going for a bit of a black & white theme in the bathroom I've been spray painting them black. They will slide into a shelf under the vanity, three across, with their sides showing. The vanity will be made from an old modified workbench, so it will have a pretty rustic industrial feel and contrast with the beautiful sleek white basin sitting on top. Yes it will.

And it will join an older flea market find, this our best find ever, the 1940's optometrists light box as the medicine cabinet. We need to rejig it a little, but it already opens up and is the perfect depth for shelves. OOhh I can't wait to see it all together in the new bathroom when it's built! I hope my vision works!


  1. Love the dipping crates. They look good in black, but would look great as they are too.

  2. Those crates will looks great in a bathroom. I look forward to seeing your house unfold, what an exciting project.

  3. It sounds like you'll have a beautiful bathroom. Cant wait to see the finished result. x

  4. Can't wait to see your new bathroom! You have some ace ideas, and I love the crates. So lovely to see you today amongst the blueberries. Hope to see you again soon xo


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