Current house design musings...

Two things I'm currently ruminating (I don't expect anyone to be particularly interested in this by the way).

1. Window frames.

vs UPVC (in black)

Aside form the fact that the idea of plastic windows totally messes with my head, especially when building with straw, the UPVC is actually winning.
I think atheistically, they make the place less 'hippy' looking than the wood. Imagine that last photo with concrete floors and without the icky furnishings. The contrast of the white render and the black frames is really striking. 
Then functionally, they are the most thermally efficient frames you can get and they don't require any maintenance. No painting, no oiling. Means more time for playing croquet whilst sipping a Pimm's & lemonade.

2. Wood heaters.

Mr Lovely's Cheminee Philippe

VS. My Contura

Very masculine vs feminine! As it's going to be placed in a corner, I think the tall sleek design is a winner. Though I do like that the Chimenee opens up to become an open fire. Realistically how often would you use that feature though? 

Okay I've put it on paper, I can go to sleep without thinking about it now. Night night.


  1. I understand your need to "put it on paper"! Hope you managed not to think about it all night.

    I would ahve voted for wood frames, until you mentioned making the place look less hippy-ish. I think that second pic of the UPVC frames, with the changes you mentioned, would be a good balance of natural and modern. Thermal efficiency sounds good!

    I'd go the skinny fireplace. You don't need something that takes up a bunch of room all year round when you're not using it at least 6 months of the year.

  2. I totally agree except that in Daylesford we use our fire from May- Dec.... It's bloody cold here!

  3. Have you ever thought of creating your own house but lacked the knowledge and/or the resources to do it? It may seem hard at first but designing your dream house today can be as simple as drawing thanks to a house design software.


  4. um... thanks for that Mark, but we've already designed our house.

  5. I wonder if Mark is related to Ozzi?

    More importantly, I LOVE the black contrasting with the white and all things about it sound good, good, good. It looks smart and not at all 70's aluminium window frame ish. And I'm with you on the wood heater, the taller one looks great, but would it heat as well as the wider one? Hmmm.
    I'm loving your house stuff Tania, hope the plans are all going along well.
    Catch you soon I hope xo

  6. Oh i'm a wood lover but . . . totally get where you are coming from. I want windows & doors that don't require painting, so i'm thinking that can only be coated metal/ plastic, being kind to myself, the one who would have to clean & paint them otherwise. Love Posie

  7. Oh finally did a post on your gorgeous giveaway win, from a couple of months back, thank you!! Love Posie


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