Vintage eiderdown quilts...

I found these amazingly beautiful vintage eiderdown quilts at the op-shop last week- yes it's taken me that long to post them, damned precious tiny beautiful baby, sucking up all my blogging time!
I'm so totally in love with them.... and they were $5- each! 

How rad are the fabrics? In perfect condition too.
I think I have my op-shopping mojo back! Yep.
I'm gonna hit a few favourites tomorrow if the small people let me. What will I find?
I hope you've have uncovered some goodies recently :)


  1. beautiful!!!! well done. perfect collection.

  2. Surely not in Daylesford?
    I don't think I have ever found anything good there.
    I am super impressed with your gorgeous haul and even more if its local. xx

  3. Those are beautiful! What a wonderful find!

  4. What a stunning find ... I am totally envious!


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