From the darkness...

Dear neglected blog,
Last week was a very hard week. I doubted my ability to mother three children on more than one occasion. Multiple illnesses came to visit our house and at all times there was someone needing something. Oh how I felt like a slave, a very overworked and under-appreciated slave. I burst into tears frequently and at one point even felt like I might be suffering from post-natal depression.

Then yesterday the sun came out. Wow what a difference that made! We had a lovely morning at the market, where I acquired a copy of Devo's Freedom of choice on vinyl (you know it, Whip It!) and a couple of saucy looking historical novels that I know I have no time to read. In the afternoon I headed over to the block with a tribe of kids and our soon to be neighbours and planted another five olive trees.
It felt so good to be out in the sunshine and fresh air, my hands covered in that beautiful red soil, my head full of dreams for my future garden and I realised I am not depressed at all, just really sick of winter! The kids were a million times happier, running around in the fresh air, playing on hay bales and catching crickets, they slept well and woke up all bright and shiny. 

I know winter's not over yet, but I can see the light at the end of the cold dark tunnel... 
Here's to an illness free week, filled with crafting and fun!


  1. I am sooo tired of winter too! I had such a lovely time in your lovely corner of victoria soaking up some lovely winter rays in between discovering all the pretty little towns. I really wasn't ready to go back to melbourne..


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