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 Ahh... my most favourite thing at the moment for sure, kitchen design! This is easily the most exciting and enjoyable part of the house planning process so far. We spent all weekend discussing (arguing), measuring, imagining, drawing and problem solving. Even the kids got in on it and drew up little kitchen plans :)

Our lovely friend and cabinet maker extraordinaire, Jen (who will be building our kitchen) came over and we got all excited and planned out the look and feel of the kitchen. It was very exciting to have my vision laid out and have Jen (and Mr Lovely) on the same page, coming up with ideas and getting crazy with it. Oooooooohhh yay.

So now that we've made some fundamental decisions it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and draft the plans in cad. Try to make everything fit and work the way it should work. Then on to the boring job of costing everything, so the bank will give us some money to do it all. Please bank, pretty please??

However we can also start on another of my favourite jobs... frequenting scrap yards and flea markets collecting old bits of wood and bits and bobs we can use in the design. Expect to see me hanging around the tip shop more often.

source- remodelista

Do you like the inspiration pics? Are you gettin the vibe? Can you imagine it.... polished concrete floor, pale rendered strawbale walls, recycled timber, plywood cabinetry, blackboard paint, white subway tiles, butler sink, huge reclaimed wood island bench.... lots of light... stools where friends will sit and drink wine and stare at the view while we cook and the children play happily off in the distance... Ah, lovely!


  1. Sounds like bliss! Love your ideas, super gorgeous. I'll be watching out for you at the tip shop, get your elbows ready! xo

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