My (tiny) Creative Space

My creative space today: Otis' announcement & thank you cards.

I just realised that as our family has gotten bigger my creative spaces have gotten smaller. 
I used to be a silversmith you know. I had a huge studio and a shop and I could use burning fire things and nasty chemicals with wild abandon. I sang loudly as I worked and created crazy crazy things. Then along came my first child, my beautiful big boy Escher and I had to downsize. I took up sewing (much safer for little people, though there were still a few incidences with pins), and starting creating dolls. Then I had had no.2, our wild Charlie girl, and I had to stick to smaller projects, scarves, hot water bottle covers and small dolls. Now with three my space has shrunk to teeny tiny quick creative bursts, knitting, writing and baking- but it's so very important to keep creating right? Even if it is something small.

Only five years util Otis goes to school, and maybe my creative space will be restored to it's former glory. Lol.

Aren't the cards cute? Oh how I love bunting! With my serious time deficiency, and my sleep deprived brain designing my own cards was gonna induce a nervous breakdown. Luckily I found this fabulous Australian website, Paper Posy.
 They have some great designs (the only ones I could find that I loved) and it was so easy peasy. I just sent a pic and the lovely Leili did the rest. So now I can thank all the beautiful people who have been helping us out, sending gifts and listening to me cry about how intensely full on it is with three small people in my life :)


  1. Beautiful cards! Every tiny little bit of creativeness counts I say! Don't forget that you have created 3 beautiful little people... the best bit of creativeness ever :)

  2. What a gorgeous comment above, and she is so right. I love your little cards, especially the dear, sweet face that peeps out from them. I'd love to see you again soon, maybe I'll pop out next week? I'm not surprised you feel overwhelmed, it's such a Big Big job you are doing. Hang in there honey, your days of creating are far from over xo

  3. They're gorgeous love!
    He is totally rocking those mama knits. x

  4. Hi! Beautiful cards! Have a good summer!! Riitta Sinikka / romulyyli-blog


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