Mailbox Love..

I just got this lovely book in the mail! I'm so inspired to find more time for knitting now. The lovely Hadley knitted me some goodies for Charlie girl when she was a baby, but now I can knit, I can do it myself! Hurrah hurrah.

Such a beautiful book. I think the pixie cap will be my first project :)
After I knit Mr Lovely's Beanie he keeps nagging me about, the booties for the two upcoming babies and the cardigan I promised myself I would start. Oohh better get knitting!!


  1. What a gorgeous looking book.
    What a divine baby that I couldn't stop thinking about all day.
    Need another cuddle soon. And not a dumb carpark one either.

  2. That book looks beautiful, lovely photo's! The two upcoming babies, are you planning ahead!? Hope you are good and adjusting to your bigger family, I'll pop by soon with Flopsy and have a cuppa xo


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