I really don't like waste...

After Otis was born, there sat in our laundry a mammoth mountain of washing, one of the only negatives of a homebirth, cleaning up afterwards! Hiding somwhere deep inside that pile was my very favourite wool cardie, and somehow that gorgeous pure wool anthropologie lovely that I stalked ebay for months to get at a bargain price ended up taking a trip in the washing machine! Not good.

I do now feel slightly better to at least have put it's shrunken felty distant cousin to good use, as a pair of pants for Otis. It's easy peasy to do, as you can see. Cut off the sleeves with enough of the body of the jumper to for the pants part, and use the bottom of the jumper, normally a ribbed stretchy bit for the waistband. A quick stitch and wah lah as they say! Perfect this icy wintery weather.


  1. Such a wonderful idea! Not sure when the home birth was, but congrats! I have had many friends who have either had home births or helped with them.


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