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I stumbled across this lovely blog last night and just had to take part in this weeks 'My place and yours' which is all about collections. I am a chronic bargain hunter and as such I have amassed a good many collections. I am constantly buying, selling and reselling stuff... lucky my beautiful fiance is an vintage lover also.
A few of the things I collect are....

Kitch ceramics... and cheesy jesus stuff. My favourite is the dodo gravy jug which my MIL bought me.

 Brooches.. I always want more brooches!

And Vintage Sideboards. I have four and I love them all SO much. This one I got whilst working at Indigo Junction- for some reason it didn't sell, so I worked in exchange for it! It makes me happy every time I look at it. It's so sexy, in a 60's teak veneer kind of way!

I also collect chairs (I LOVE chairs), vintage frocks & handbags, old tins, vintage lamps,  enameled things, tea cups, old stamps (the kind you ink, not postage stamps), old bottles, vintage games and fisher price toys, vintage books with cool covers and of course... golden books.

What do you collect & why? You can see more fabulous collections over at Hello Owl!


  1. the two birds on the mushrooms is very nice as is your sideboard.i have a thing for tables, we are like a matching set, you have the chairs & i have the tables :o)

  2. Oh that gravy jug is fabulous and the sideboard - we used to call them a "buffet" in the old days looks like a real Danish or Parker original. Love your style/ collections and welcome here. Stick round Tania you'll love it here ;))

  3. you are a true collector ... i totally understand why you worked for that sideboard. it's amazing. welcome to my place & yours.

  4. Oh I love your sideboard My TV sits on a vintage 70's teak sideboard too.

  5. The dodo is a gravy jug?! That's awesome, hehe

  6. Oh you are a girl after my own heart. Love the kitsch, jesus and animals. Love the sideboard. I have a Parker that is my pride and joy and nearly 3 metres long. I recently have had to pass up a couple because we have no room in the house...we are thinking of extending. You are so lucky to have four! xxNick

  7. Great collections. Love the kitchen things.

  8. ooooh that sideboard is to die for I love it! Tania I've awarded you the Sunshine Award for being an awesome blogger! Please drop by my blog sometime to check it out :)


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