Daylesford Makers Market- Chillout Edition

Despite the pouring rain the Daylesford Makers Market was a roaring success. What a fun day I had! I met lots of fabulous people- talented, interesting and gorgeous, I sold lots of stuff (which is always nice) and I just had a jolly good time.

My new bunting posts worked a treat- and people loved my new alpaca wool hot water bottles covers.

The buttons went down well as always and I even got to see some of them looking totally fabulous on some things people had made. They just look SO much better than new buttons.

I can't wait for next months Easter Market... I will have to get busy making some more hottie covers as I can see they will be very much needed out here by then!


  1. Hi Tania - so glad the market went well for you! I saw your beautiful Ruby dolls in Lark on Sunday, it was great to see them for real after I'd spent so much time drooling over photos of them! They really are divine :)

  2. How lovely, congratulations on a great market, love Posie

  3. I'm still thrilled with the buttons I got and now I have to think about the next market. It was a great market day. ... maybe the rain even helped to push a few more people inside.

  4. Yay, your stall was the loveliest!!


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