My Creative Space.. the moment is all about wooly winter snugness. I am completely obsessed with this lovely alpaca wool from the Creswick Wool Mill, which lucky for me is very near by.
I'm having so much fun dreaming up uses for it and preparing for winter.
I have a pile of hot water bottle covers, finished and unfinished for the Daylesford Makers Market.
And some prototype fingerless gloves. Do you think they need adorning? I kinda like them plain and simple. What do you think? They feel lovely on...

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  1. I like them plain.

    Have a great time at the market.

  2. Ah now I see what you were talking about, yes plain is good! x

  3. Have a great time at the market - love your hot water bottle covers.

  4. I really like them! where did you find the pattern? and I love your header too!


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