Upcycling vintage wool skirts

I've spent my weekend giving vintage wool skirts a new life as funky little scotty dogs.
This particular wool is awesome as a softie as its so textural and tactile, not to mention the gorgeous colour.

I was also inspired by this beautiful blog to carve some rubber stamps and have given my little scottie dogs a matching wee scottie dog stamped tag. It's so much fun carving stamps! Takes me back to lino cutting days at school. For those of you in Melbourne, I got most of the supplies from Melbourne Etching Supllies in Fitzroy and the inks from a seller on ebay.

You can find Mr Scottie Dog for sale here :)


  1. how cute is scotty?! great one! Ah, stamps...another one on my list I need to try - looks like fun.

  2. Mr Scottie Dog is an absolute sweetpea. Love an idea that follows through and through...


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