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I'm feeling very blue this week.
I know I'm depressed when I eat Tim Tams for breakfast.
Winter is getting to me- I'm spending the majority of my waking life wondering why I ever left Port Douglas and trying to scheme up ways to get myself a free month in tropical paradise.
A place where the kids can run around nude and free instead of rugged up and shivering in front of the heater needing constant entertainment. I seriously cannot play one more bloody game of UNO!!!

So it's fitting that my creative space is a day late (I actually only just realised it's Friday..) and that in my creative space today is a pretty blue tuxedo dress. I'm making two, one for Charlie and one for the shop. I'm using the gorgeous Russian doll tape I got from Amy over at Badskirt and some of my gorgeous vintage trims and buttons I have hoarded. It's designed to snap closed all the way down the back for easy dressing of squirmy little ones. The snaps I'm using a lovely vintage pearlised cowboy shirt snaps which I've been dying to use.

Well my fingers are now freezing and I can no longer type, back to dreams of mango daquiris and warm blue seas....

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  1. I have that same Port Douglas dream but I've never lived there. Stay warm.

    Your little dress is looking terrific.

  2. It's such a cute dress and it certainly cheers me up!

  3. I love how you've incorporated the trims - gorgeous!

  4. The dress is really cute. Sorry you're feeling blue and chilled. I hope you get some warmth and cheer soon!


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