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It's a gloriously gorgeous day here in Melbourne, so my creative space today is outside in the garden. We have a lovely north facing garden with a grape vine that lets the sun in in winter and shades us in summer. It's just lovely.
Escher's at kinder, Charlie's asleep and I have a cup of tea, some almond cakes and my gorgeous new chair I brought off ebay and picked up this morning. $50- what a score, its so comfortable! It will eventually find it's home as a feeding, book reading chair in Charlie's new room.

Whilst enjoying the winter sun & getting some vitamin d, I'm packaging button hairpins and fabric covered badges for the next market.

My Creative Space is hosted by kootoyoo- pop over there to see more inspiring creative spaces :)


  1. What lovely place to sit, catch some sun and be creative!

  2. What a lovely creative space you have today. Your chair looks lovely. I love crafting outdoors in the sunshine. The badges and hairpins look fab!

  3. Such a perfect creative space! The hairclips look fabulous. K

  4. I love outdoor creative spaces. Something about the sunlight and green space. Looks so relaxing.

  5. What a wonderful space. Hope you enjoyed the sunshiney crafting.


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