My (new) creative space

Well the big move is complete, and my new creative space is part of our bedroom and our bed and the front hallway and most nights the lounge room floor. I have been huddled in from of the heater most nights sorting washing and replacing lids on buttons for the market. Mostly while watching bad cop shows. Riveting stuff I can tell you.

I am slowly settling into this new arrangement- I'm currently working on a woolen owl called Fernando. I spent hours deciding which buttons to use for his eyes- it's hard to decide when you have 30,000 to choose from!

My Creative Space is hosted by kootoyoo


  1. Looks great! May it bring you many wonderful crafting hours.

  2. 'Wolf whistle' Nice space. If it's any consolation, we must be living parallel lives. I too sit in front of the heater folding washing or doing craft in front of crap cop shows. Tonight's my favourite night because I get to watch Medium!

  3. It's hard to choose the right buttons, but it makes a difference! I use them when I make brooches and it can take some time to make sure I've made the right choice! I completely understand!!

  4. Hi Tania! Cute owl. :o) Are you doing markets these days?

  5. Fernando is gorgeous & the new space looks great.


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