From Despair to Euphoria: Tale of (30) thousand buttons.

I've had no laptop for over a week!!! Oh my god I felt like I was missing a limb, a really important constantly used limb. I can't describe the feeling of despair I encountered when the spotty girl at the mac service center told me it would take a week to order a new part for my power cable. Yes that's right, power cable. It took a week, to fix a power cable! Why not just replace it?? Honestly how ridiculous!

Anyway that feeling of utter devastation was soon replaced with euphoric joyousness (is that even a word?) as I filled my van up with 32 boxes full of vintage buttons I had just purchased. I have 32 of these babies!!! Oh my god they are AMAZING! I've since spent hours going through them look at these ones, oh god look at those ones!

They are all still in the original tubes from the shop and there are so many I had to take over the next door neighbours shed. People who don't know me that well might be thinking I'm mad! So I plan to spread the love and sell some of them once I have sorted through them all so stay tuned for market details!


  1. Wow!! That's heaven right there!! All those buttons... I'm reeeaaallly jealous!

  2. OMG - what are you goinging to do with them all!!!

  3. Well that's a good question! It was just way too god to pass up though :)
    I will be at Round She Goes on the 5th of July selling them along with my vintage clothing collection. I will post the details!

  4. That is the best button loot I've ever seen! Wow-wee.


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