Button Brooches

How was your weekend? Mine was a wee bit challenging. One child is teething and the other one seems to be going through an insecure period! Not good conditions for creativity... but Dad took them off to the library yesterday and I had a moment to myself!

So using this fabulous tutorial I made a few button brooches to take to the market this weekend. They turned out really well I think.

I want to have a few things there as examples of what you can make with the buttons to inspire people. What else do you think I could make?

I also managed to fill a whole suitcase with clean shiny tubes of beautiful buttons for the market.
They were covered with 30 years or so of dust and some of the older plastic lids had disintegrated and needed replacing. A lot of the buttons on the top were faded too and needed replacing. It's quite labour intensive. I'm hoping to have at least three of these full of buttons to sell on the weekend so I best get busy!


  1. How about a cushion covered with buttons? Too much work? And which Market are you going to? I'd love to know!


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