teeny weeny itsy bitsy little shoes

In it's previous life, these shoes were a hat hand felted by my beautiful, talented friend Kimmy. It was living in E's dress up box but was never used so I started thinking I should recycle it into something.
The end result is tiny little Mary Janes for miss Charlie.
I've never worked with felt before and now I can see why people love it. It's so malleable and sculptural and three dimensional. You can shape it and stretch it which makes it very forgiving!
I started with this free pattern and I played with it and altered it to suit.
Now I'm totally hooked! I've made about 6 different types of tiny shoes, slippers and booties, with more still in my head (I will upload a photo of the complete shoe family when I'm done)!
I'm so inspired that as soon as I get time I'm off to do this course which I have wanted to do for ages. I love handmade shoes! :)
I feel so inspired but fear I have unleashed yet another creative passion to vie for my already maxed out 'me' time....


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