Cool for Cats

Ok, now I'm actually getting somewhere with making stuff for the May stall. Today I made these beauties. All from exceptional vintage fabrics- most of my favourites fom my stash are there. That tropical print with the blue background is amazing, and there's the yellow spotty linen, the purple 70's barkcloth and the incredible 50's barkcloth.

Then this photo got me thinking, exactly what is the collective noun for cats? According to the most commonly used term is a clowder. Commonly used? I've certainly never heard anyone say that. Have you? Maybe it's because cat's don't often hang out in groups, we don't get much opportunity to say 'oh my, look at that great clowder of cats there'! :)

Tomorrow it's owls and chocolate hot cross buns....

You can these for sale here :)


  1. Your cats are just gorgeous. I love the fabrics and the design. It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Your stall looked great.


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