Some new additions to the doll family, one of which is still in the making... I really want to make multicultural dolls, but I'm finding it hard to get fabric the right skin tones. I think i will have to dye some myself.
Escher and I made badges today for the market. We made them from vintage kids books and fabric bits. We are going to make fridge magnets too, as we got lots of magnet backs thrown in when we brought the badge maker. I think we will put old school kitchen appliances on them.
And the final shot is a suitcase full of goodies for the market.
I have a blister on my finger from the scissors.


  1. Oh so beautiful. Well done lady. I love the hair on the right hand side doll, very cute.

  2. Really loved your stall at the market.
    p.s tagged you!

  3. Hi Tania! It's Sandra from Pepperberry & Co. I just wanted to say that it was lovely to meet you at the market and check out your gorgeously cute wares. I hope to see you around!! :-)

  4. Hi Tania, it was great to meet you on Saturday. From one fabric lover to another, I think your creativity with material is amazing!

  5. I only just discovered comments...uh duh! Hope you didn't think I was rude!!! lol.
    It was lovely to meet you too and thanks for the kind words ;)


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