We got it!!

Finally, almost a month later, we have approval on our construction loan! After weeks of uncertainty, stuck & waiting, which almost drove me to zanax- we can finally start building!! I cannot tell you how ecstatic we are. I mean really, my god we are so happy. Hooray hooray hooray! At the same time I kinda can't believe it's really happening-  I can't wait to see that excavator and concrete truck down there just to really prove it's all going to go ahead.

Last night I had a dream that somehow our builder had built our house on another block- the land was all wrong, on a hill, too many trees, too shady and damp, neighbours too close, too small to grow much. I hated it. Today this has made me think a lot about how much I really love our block and why. It's flat, but slightly up on a hill which allows a wonderful view and excellent drainage down the block. Frost & excess water will roll down and pool in the block in front. Its open and we have a panoramic view in all directions, but the prettiest view is to the north, which is just perfect for a passive solar home. 

Its three picturesque minutes from Daylesford and close enough that the kids will be able to ride their bikes in, freeing me from teenage taxi service duties ;) When we first made our Daylesford tree change we though we wanted to be way out of town, somewhere quiet and bushy, with 20 acres and a creek- but after living here for a year or so our criteria changed. I realised be miles out with three small kids was no fun at all. In fact it was rather lonely. Driving in and out 4 or 5 times a day for things was seriously annoying. We decided 20 acres was going to be way too much for us to look after, and reality we could do everything we wanted on about an acre.

We also learnt a lot in that time about the local landscape and how the different areas around our little town each have their own amazing features. There are so many different microclimates, changes in soil types and little mini communities. I'm so very grateful we waited and looked and learned about our new home before we committed to buying anything. I think that's good advice for anyone thinking of a tree change. Rent in your chosen area first and get to know the place before you decide, especially if you are building. It's not so easy to just sell it and buy another place if you realise after the fact that you've made a mistake.

So that up there in the last picture is the set out for our house- ready for the slab to be poured in the next couple of weeks. Excitement!!!! 


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