Enough happy dancing, back to work...

Okay, I have six months to make & fix all the things I want for the house, and the list is long long long. But it's cold and I have sick kids, and I'm feeling really lazy and well and truly over winter... so to kick things off gently I've cast on another blanket. I'm not a very good knitter, but these chunky yarns and big needles make something beautiful with little skill. This is gonna be a lap rug for my window seat near the fire. Mmmm imagine that?

Yesterday when the sun briefly graced us with her presence, I started work on this old cast iron bed Adam found on the side of the road, scrubbing all the rust off and painting it. It will be little miss Charlie's bed in her new bedroom.

It now looks like this! Of course she wanted pink, what can ya do? I'm thinking a set of knitted antlers to hang above it and a pom pom garland to adorn it? I do hope she likes it.

Next on my restoration of stuff in the shed hit list is this art deco theatre exit sign. Isn't it rad? Adam already had this when I met him, such a great find Mr Lovely! I've had the stuff to fix it for about four years and somehow it just keeps on not getting fixed- ya know how that happens? Well the time is now. Oohhh it's exciting to have a deadline and whole lot of crafting, making, fixing to get done before then. So many ideas, so little time!


  1. So that's why you married Mr Lovely, Tania!
    (love it)

    p.s. and whos says you've got to stop dancing???

    1. So true kylie! Dance and craft simultaneously. Sounds like for a good life :)


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