Le chef-d'œuvre!

I don't know why I wrote that in french, but It's almost finished! Arrgghhh For the past two weeks I've spent every spare waking moment knitting and stitching, knitting and stitching. Actually that's a lie. For the first week I did nothing, but since then I've been knitting and stitching like a loon. The small people are thoroughly sick of it I'm sure, though they are very encouraging and can't wait for the 'party'. Gee, you really find out how little spare time you actually have each day when you are trying to complete something this big on a deadline. I'm so inspired though. I really want to make jumpers for all sorts of things that don't need them. The trampoline, for example. It's important don't you think?  To tell you the truth I've actually already started two other projects as well- man I have such a small attention span! I am hoping to finish them by Saturday too, but I might be kidding myself. Especially if I sit here rambling for much longer! Anyway, if you are near to our fair town, come along on Saturday. There are other great local artists, Mr Lovely will be playing some sweet tunes and I believe that there is free booze...


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