A housie update...

Well things are moving along quite quickly now with the house. We are very nearly ready to actually start building... squeeeee!! Above is the final floor plan with a few changes. We are going to build the house in two stages now, adding the 'parents retreat', otherwise known as the East Wing, in a few years time when the kids are happy to be further away from us. So for now, we will divide their rumpus room (at the western end) into two rooms, one for us and a wee one for Otis. The East wing will attach to the other side of the entry vestibule and we will knock out the walls in their rumpus.

Now we are drawing the landscape plans which is such a lovely exciting part of the process because you get to imagine all those lovely bbq's and outdoor parties and just general warm weather relaxing time. Not to mention trying to plan the perfect garden. One of the joys of starting from scratch! We are also deep in research on how to build a natural swimming pond which is one of our must have items. Something like this...

So the last two permits permitting we are hoping to begin in the next couple of months. We really want to be living in here by Christmas. After all the very detailed planning we have done, we are hoping the build will run very smoothly... sound like Grand Designs much? What will go wrong I wonder... hmmmm, probably plenty of things, but I guess we will just have to wait and see!

PS- I'm taking names and numbers of people who want to help with some strawbale building... hint hint... :)


  1. How exciting!
    Those pools look wonderful, what a lovely house and garden you are going to have Tania. It's going to interesting to watch your plans cone to fruition over the course of the year.


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