Dear Summer...

I love you so so much and I know you are going to leave meI just wish there was some way to make you stay. You make me so happy with your bright bright hotness. Your days at the lake, your edible bounty, your balmy evenings. I love the way you make getting dressed so easy and how you keep the butter just the right softness for baking. I love your ability to keep me in the moment, just living, enjoying, savouring, devouring- unlike winters waiting, planning and dreaming. If you stayed I'd be good to you, really I would. I'd make you cups of coffee in bed, I'd let you let you drink the last cider in the esky (chilly bin, cooler, ice box). I'd even give you a nice long massage with that coconut oil you like? Whattaya say summer? Will you stay with me?


  1. Your Summer sounds so much nicer than ours at the moment Tania, it is so hot here, forget about creamable could drink ours! (if you wanted to) I could write a very similar post, but I'm afraid it would be dedicated to Winter.

    (42 degrees! Hideous! on Saturday btw)

  2. ive just discovered your blog, its wonderful! i too am creating a handmade wedding for our upcoming nuptials in June! very exciting, but a rather large task!

  3. Oh Tania, I so know what you mean. I have been thinking all the same things and hoping that summer last a bit longer. We have such a long winter here don't we? Oh well, just enjoy each day I guess...still some lovely hot days to come xo


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