What did you do for New Years? I carved a succulent garden from corks... exciting huh?
Now that's dedicated crafting. Te he he. Hope you all had a good one!


  1. OMG! That is awesome. I love succulents. I'd love to know how long they hang in there and stay healthy for Tania.

    p.s. I hope these corks aren't representative of all the alcohol you drank last night!

  2. Well they do have a wee bit of dirt in the holes so you can water them (I'm thinking a kids panadol dropper would be perfect for that job) so they should last a while. The corks are certainly not my leftovers, being as I'm still brestfeeding, and the bottles of wine we can afford mostly don't have corks! No that honour goes to my mother in law and her partner- whenever we visit I come home with a huge bag of corks! :)

  3. That's adorable! What a lovely idea!

    Camila Faria


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