The grand arrival of my very own vintage caravan! Hurrah!!

Oh happy happy day! My christmas present arrived yesterday not on a sleigh, but a huge trailer! Can you believe it? I'm finally the owner of my very own vintage caravan. Well maybe vintage, maybe classic. I'm using my finely tuned detective skills to try and to work out what year she was made. From what I understand Franklin started making this model, the Regent, in 1968, but continued to make them throughout the early 70's. She's cute huh? I especially love her little egg shape. She looks pretty good from the front, but the back side needs a lot of work and the interior, well, I dare not even show you a photo. I'll save that shock for a before and after later on. Lets just say she a 'restorers dream'. She suffered a bit on the ride home too (about 400 k's of vibration) and needs some immediate T.L.C. Never fear though, Mr Lovely is hard at work as I speak, fixing her frame and making her sturdy again. Which is pretty good of him really, since she was purchased on a whim by his cheeky wife, with not a thought to how much work she needed! I really don't know how he puts up with me ;)

So the plan is to fix her frame, completely strip the interior, paint and rebuild the bed, table and shelves, then mover her to the block as a site office while we build the house. Then after the house is built use her as a guest bedroom / parents retreat. Unfortunately I don't think she will ever travel the highways again, but she will have a lovely place to retire. 


  1. Oh you lucky thing, what a great Christmas present. I can't wait to see some progress shots.
    There's plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. x

  2. I'm imagining her lovely already Tania.


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