Nothing to do with this post, but I'm loving this pic from HBO's new show Boardwalk Empire :)

Only six weeks to go.... and I have nothing to wear.
Honestly this wedding caper is not easy!
I started out with a specific plan and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and how my hair would be, how the venue would look, the music, everything...
Then I go and get pregnant and hello, everything changes. Different venue, less people, on the beach, no band, can't wear my dress, different time of year....
And we are in the midst of buying a block of land to build our house on so money is limited.
It's like Ive had to plan two  weddings.
And I've made some mistakes.
When I found out I was pregnant (with no.3!) I went into a bit of a tailspin and stupidly ordered a 'maternity' wedding dress from a Chinese website. I got the dress a couple of weeks ago and it was hideous. New, shiny, heavy and layers and layers of white. So not me! And I realised my belly won't even be that big, I don't need a maternity dress. Thank goodness they made a mistake and made the dress 2 inches too big, so hopefully I will get my money back.
I purchased shoes to match my original dress, 2 pairs in fact- one of which didn't fit. 
I got a blue woolen shrug from the oppie the other day, thinking it would be a cheap ($3-) solution if it got cold. If only I could bleach it white. Well it won't bleach, and I got bleach on my favourite pants!
Sometimes trying to save money just ends up costing you more.

Okay, so that's what has been happening. It's not all roses- or peonies.
But I have found a simple, pretty vintage dress that will suit me much better and make me feel much more comfortable than the one I just returned. We've decided on a menu for the caterers, we've found a beautiful spot on the beach for the ceremony, we have an awesome celebrant, Adam has a vest (but no pants), 3 out of 4 bridesmaids have dresses and I think things are going to come together in the next few weeks.

This weekend however, I have a silversmithing studio to use to make Adam's wedding ring, so I promise lots of photos of that process next week. I will also be able to share the details of my invites with you finally. All we need now is a good weather forecast as some sunshine and refreshing swim in the lake are desperately needed!


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