Finally... the invites!

At last you get to see what I did with the Mills & Boon collection, and no I didn't read them, though the back covers were pretty hilarious!

I tried to only collect the older ones, with these beautiful painted covers. Then I ripped out their inside pages so that I just had the covers.

Then using this garden stripes invitation suite- I made individual bookplates with the guests name on them (it says, this book belongs to...), and a center page with the wedding details. I glued on the bookplate and stitched in the center page.

Then I made the RSVP to look like a library card, with cute little envelopes to match.

I glued in a little library card holder and the RSVP and the return envelope tucked in neatly like this.

And lastly I made a little bookmark from a op shopped vintage atlas, to put some extra details on. I also made the envelope wraps from that atlas and have been able to incorporate it into some of my decor projects too. It's beautiful old thick paper with gorgeous colour.

I think they worked out pretty well in the end don't you?


  1. OMG! Those are fabulous! I love them! Did you come up with that idea on your own? Or find inspiration somewhere? They're so creative. Good job!

  2. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Sooo unique and original!
    And a permenant reminder for your friends and family to's a work of art!

  3. What a great idea. I loved going to the library when I was a little girl and I loved the library cards. I actually wanted to be a librarian at one point so I could take out those little cards and stamp them. It's a shame it's all done electronically now.

  4. I love them!!! You are so clever :-)

  5. Your invitations are amazing ! So very creative and clever! Your guests will LOVE them !
    Have a great week, Dee

  6. Thanks guys! Brina, I think I came up with idea on my own- though something must have inspired it? I really can't remember though. I've always loved the covers of old romances, and Adam and I both love books so the whole library thing seemed appropriate. I knew I wanted to use the books, and the ideas just evolved from there :)

  7. Those are so great. So creative and your guests will love getting them.

  8. Those are so very clever! Love the little details. --Megan (The Binding Bee)


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