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In my creative space today.. some vintage storybook bunting I just finished. I think my bunting love is nearing obsession! I really love the way this has turned out though. I'm planning to make miles of pretty bunting for the big wedding day, so I have a year to work on all sorts of new designs!

In my space also is are some new Golden books and an awesome twister game I
procured today. How fun do they make Twister look?

See creative spaces over at Kootoyoo :)


  1. Ooh I love Golden books. I can definitely make you some engagement bunting. What do you want it to read- "Love is the Drug"...??? Or something simple "T.V 4 A.C 4 eva"? I wrote that on a wall once, my own initials, of course, with Jamie Cummings. He was hot!


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